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Tattoo Aftercare

Our care and concern for your tattoo doesn't end when you walk out of our door. We want your tattoo experience to be the best that we can offer. That is why we offer Recovery Derm as our recommended method of Aftercare. Not familiar with Recovery Derm? Click on the video below to learn more.

It is easier to have someone else apply your 2nd Recovery Derm bandage. If you are not confident that you can replace your bandage after reading these instructions, please stop by the studio and we will be glad to change it for you. Please make sure to wash hands well before removing and applying the new bandage.

1- Your newly bandaged tattoo will begin to fill with plasma and excess ink within the first 24 hours. This is completely normal.

2 - After 8-24 hours remove the original Recovery Derm bandage after a hot shower. GENTLY pull the Recovery Derm down towards itself. Do not just rip it off.

3 - Wash your tattoo with your hand and hand soap (do not use bar soap to clean your tattoo).

4 - Gently pat your tattoo dry with paper towels and allow to air dry for a minute.

5 - Size the new Recovery Derm bandage to your tattoo, allowing the bandage to go past the tattoo at least 1/2 inch. If you have to cut your bandage into several pieces, make sure to overlap the pieces at least 1/2 inch.

6 - Remove the white backing from the bandage, exposing the adhesive.

7 - While the body part is in a neutral, relaxed position, apply the bandage to your tattoo.  Press firmly from the middle of the bandage out to the edges to minimize any air bubbles. Make sure the edges of your bandage are secure.

8 - Remove after 3-5 days.

We now also sell H2Ocean as tattoo after care. 

H2Ocean's tattoo care is a three step system that has been designed to ensure an all natural and safe aftercare regimen for your new tattoo. This unique water based system will cleanse, moisturize, and lock in the ink. 


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