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MEANING.....or meaningless?

Does your tattoo have to have meaning? No

Do you have to share it's meaning with everyone and anyone that asks? No

Will it mean the same thing to you the day you get it as it will in 30 years? Probably not, but possibly.

Considering you are permanently marking your body, it's probably a good idea to put some thought into the tattoo you get and an artists assistance and advice on perfect placement of said tattoo..... However, what speaks to you speaks to you - it may take years for you to formulate the ideas for the elements you want in your perfect half sleeve, or minutes, because you were struck with an image or a lyric or an event that spoke to you. There are a million reasons people choose their tattoos from personal, deep, spiritual symbols representing their belief system or way of life and interests, to memorialize someone or something - some time in your life...because you're in love or in mourning, because you had a baby or caught your first fish or it may just be a piece of decorative art that makes you feel some sort of way - beautiful, tough or both depending on the day. You may be covering scars, old bad tattoos or memories, celebrating a victory, or pledging your undying love to your pet Chihuahua or to "baby yoda" (adorable!). You may just like tattoos. Period.

Whatever your reason or non-reason - it is and always will be yours to share, or not to share. We are here to make the experience the best one you've ever had.

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